Injection Compounds

Flow Tech, Inc. is a Massachusetts company, having moved our operation from Boulder, CO. in 1996. We are able to offer you expedient and professional service and, in most cases, can ship your order within one business day of receipt.

MICROFIL® compounds are designed to fill and opacify microvascular and other spaces of non-surviving animals and post-mortem tissue under physiological pressure. This innovative product has been in use at leading colleges and universities, hospitals and other research organizations in the U.S. and internationally for over thirty years.

Photo courtesy of: A.C. Barger, R. Beeuwkes III, L.L. Lainey, and K.J. Silverman, Harvard Medical School.

The Advantages

MICROFIL® compounds offer the following advantages over other previously available rubber injection compounds.

  • Complete filling with minimal shrinkage to enhance visual continuity and to produce in cleared preparations a vivid optically cleared specimen that allows a precise study of the microcirculation.
  • Color diversity to provide delineation within the circulatory tree for the better microscopic examination and illustration. MICROFIL® compounds are available in five radiopaque colors as well as clear.
  • We have also expanded our product line to include MICROFIL® CP-101 for corrosion cast preparations. Please refer to our About MICROFIL® and Products pages for additional information.