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MICROFIL® Silicone Rubber Injection Compounds

MV-112 MV-117 MV-120 MV-122 MV-130 MV-132 MV-Diluent
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Prices and Available Colors

Kit Weight Color Price
B 1 lb. One color $150
C 2 lbs. One or two colors $275
D 1 gal. (8 lbs.) One to four colors $950

Kit weight is based upon the combined weight of MV-Compound and MV-Diluent only, ie. a 1lb. kit contains 8 oz. of MV compound and 8 oz. of diluent.

Sufficient MV-Curing Agent is supplied at no charge to cure the contents of the kit.

A one pound kit has a volume of approximately 400 ml.

MICROFIL® CP-101 For Cast Corrosion Preparations

Kit Weight Color Price
CP-101 1 lb. Milky $140

Kit weight is based upon the weight of MICROFIL® CP-101 (16 oz.). Sufficient curing agents are supplied at no charge to cure the contents of the kit.

Curing System Stannous octoate in combination with ethyl silicate.
Mixing Directions Cure is accomplished by mixing CP-101 with 5% ethyl silicate and 5% stannous octoate (by weight). Upon addition of curing agents, working time is approximately 45 minutes.
Clearing Procedure Either alcohol-methyl salicylate or glycerin may be employed. See more details.
Corrosion Preparations Potassium hydroxide may be used in studies where the vessels have a diameter of greater than 100 microns.
Corrosion Clearing Procedure Cast corrosion can be obtained as follows: After the casting material has been completely hardened, place the perfused organ in 20% potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide solution for several days. The cast should then be rinsed several times in water until all the tissue is removed. The casting time depends both on the concentration of the corrosive solution and on the tissue itself. Lung and heart tissue require 5-6 days in potassium hydroxide whereas bone and brain tissue may require 35% potassium hydroxide for up to 10 days.
Advantages MICROFIL CP-101 will maintain dimensional integrity on storage. There is no diluent in the system.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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