MV-112 MV-117 MV-120 MV-122 MV-130 MV-132 MV-Diluent CP-101
White Orange Blue Yellow Red Clear Clear Milky White

Example: If ordering a KIT C and requesting two colors, your kit would consist of the following:
1-16 oz. bottle of MV Diluent, 1-8 oz. bottle of MV Compound (Color #1), and 1-8 oz. bottle of MV Compound (Color #2). Sufficient MV-Curing Agent is supplied to cure the contents of the kit.

MICROFIL® Products

Kit B - 1 lb.

$150.00 ea.
One color per kit.

Kit C - 2 lb.

$275.00 ea.
Up to two colors per kit.

Kit D - 1 gal. (8 lbs.)

$950.00 ea.
Up to four colors per kit.

CP-101 - 1 lb. Milky White

For cast corrosion preparations.

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